Understanding The Difference Between Skylights And Flat Roof Windows


Skylights make it more stylish to allow natural light into your interior. They are an ultimate source of bringing in sunlight so as to lowering down your dependence on artificial lighting. In this way, you can contribute your share in saving energy and the environment. The key is to know the right type of glazing unit for your home or commercial setups.

This is why we’re here.

This post will cover the basic difference between two main glazing types; i.e. flat roof windows and skylights along with the points: how the size, quality, cost, installation, access, use, and maintenance differ from each other. All this is to help you make an informed decision.

Oftentimes, a skylight is a nice and practical substitute when you cannot use a vertical. You can ask your custom rooflights manufacturer to build one as per your requirements.

Prior to taking a decision of installing a rooflight onto your building, get clarified of some points regarding its aesthetic appeal, usage, and performance levels.

What are rooflights/skylights?

A skylight or rooflight is an open glazing unit installed onto a building structure for the purpose of letting natural light come into the interior in a controlled way. When you consult a manufacturer, he will guide you with the most ideal unit from his rooflights supplies. There are many companies that provide specialist skylight units rather than selling traditional designs. You can ask your rooflights manufacturer in Romford for professional advice.

Windows for Flat Roofing


Architects and designers are bending more towards flat roofs nowadays, which has made the inclusion of roof lighting very necessary and common. There are two types available in window designs:



These windows are available in both double and triple skin, which makes them efficient for cold flat roof structures. They are polycarbonate designs and quite cheap at the price. However, if you add glass in these windows, the prices get higher and the lifespan of the units increases. The other type of roof window is ‘sun tunnel’. This is a type that brings in the light through a reflective tube.


If you want, you can also get your roof window designed as per your unique requirements by your skylights manufacturer in UK. for, especially, tight and cold buildings, it’s a wise idea to have retractable glazing manufactured so that you can assess the natural views very easily. In case you like unique designs, domed and pyramid roof windows can be a good idea.


How to select the perfect roof window or rooflight?

Both rooflights and roof windows are a part of the extension agreement of building designs. So, you don’t need permission. However, it’s still advised to consult your local authority prior to starting the project.


The points to check while selecting the perfect roof windows or flat roof rooflights are the following:


Check the place where the unit will be installed because that will tell you what type of glazing is required. There are many things to keep in mind regarding this. First, over-exposure to UV can be very harmful to both the interior and your health. So, if your building faces the south, you must be aware of the correct placement such as vertical or slanting so as not to make the glazing position very direct.


Similar to the position, the size of the unit also matters a lot while deciding how much of the light you require into your living space. This is obvious that larger sizes allow more light into the spaces. You can balance the amount of the natural light coming in by deciding the correct size of the glazing, especially, the vertical flat roof rooflights or roof windows.

Access and Ventilation

For cold flat roofs, ventilation is one of the biggest requirements to have warm roofing. You can just add a point of access to enter the terrace. This is helpful in maintaining the interior atmosphere throughout the year.


While looking for the best custom rooflights supplier, check which one is British Standards Institution certified as it will ensure that the company will stick to industry standards. Besides, the quality and standard of the products of such a company are also first-rate.


One of the most important considerations includes the price of the unit you’re interested in. search for the latest prices and make your decision accordingly. Glazing units can come with the price tags ranging from £250 to £1000. It’s up to your requirements and budget what you want.

Take care of the maintenance

It is necessary to perform a complete six-monthly inspection to check for any leakages, cracks, or breaks. See whether the motor works properly if the unit is electronic. Clean out the glass and frames with delicate products like fiber piece and cleaning spray.

Where should I place my rooflight?

If your rooflight is going to face north, you will benefit from consistent levels of natural light all year round. On the other hand, a south facing skylight will generate more warmth and could even help you to cut down on your energy bills. In some spaces the direction your rooflight faces will already be decided for you, but if you have a larger room it is worth considering the ways in which you would like to benefit from your skylight.

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