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Welcome to Panoroof – the home of custom rooflights, standard skylights, flat roof and Triple glazed skylights in Essex and London.We take great pride in being a premier name in the glazing industry. Our experience in manufacturing and supplying glazing products to contractors, architects and homeowners is rivalled by many in the industry. Panoroof are specialist suppliers of uniquely designed and custom made rooflights in Essex and London, designed and built to an extremely high standard.

Browse the range of custom flat rooflights below and if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Enjoy More Light for Less Expense with Custom Rooflights

With a custom rooflight from Panoroof, you can enjoy more light for less expense. Light is one of nature’s free resources, so let it pour into the room with the help of custom rooflights from Panoroof. We manufacture and supply custom skylights which are designed using industry standard triple-glazed, self-cleaning and toughened glass glazing units, which are also 100% watertight.

The addition of a custom flat roof skylight will help to seamlessly link the indoors to the outdoors, introducing more natural light and air into a room in the home, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

Custom flat rooflights are ideal for commercial use also, to help open up an office space or to create a dramatic entry into a building.

Secure and Efficient

When it comes to your home or business, security is of the utmost importance. This is the same for our custom rooflights – we use a combination of layered toughened glass so that there’s extra protection without sacrificing on the design or quality. Our custom rooflights are also designed and manufactured to be 100% watertight, as our products are encapsulated by stepped glass units.

Premium Custom Rooflights at Competitive Prices

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality custom flat rooflights in Essex and London. With manufacturers on hand to create your custom rooflights and safe and secure delivery options, our custom rooflights guarantee optimal performance at affordable prices.

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Whatever your requirements may be, you are guaranteed to receive a custom rooflight by Panoroof that’s made to the highest industry standards. Your custom design rooflight will arrive within 5 business days, packaged up in sturdy timber crate and delivered securely.

We’ll also provide a simple easy-to-install installation guide in your order, so that your custom rooflight can be installed in no time at all.

For the best competitive prices without compromising on quality, please contact us today.