How to Brighten Up A Dark Room

A bright and airy home can help to lower stress levels, boost your mood and provide you with a better space to relax in, but what do you do when your room suffers from poor natural light filtration?

Well, here are 4 easy ways to brighten up a dark room with the help of custom roof windows, mirrors and choosing light colours and fabrics to accessorise!

Choose lighter colours and fabrics

Painting a room in neutral or white colours can help to brighten a room, as the daylight will be able to bounce off the walls and help to create a brighter space. There are even special paints in the market that have been specifically designed to help reflect up to 3 times more light than standard paint, so a change in wall colour can really make a big difference!

Another way to help bring light into a dark room is to get rid of any heavy, light-absorbing curtains and fabrics, and instead go for something made from a lighter material or translucent blinds. Sheer textiles will give you the privacy you need, without compromising on light.

Install a custom roof window

We may be a little biased, but there really is no better way to bring more light to a dark room than by installing a custom roof window!

Custom roof windows are an excellent choice for providing more light into a room to help brighten it up. Not only do they let in up to three times more natural light than a vertical window, but they can also help to illuminate dark corners and areas of the room that are further away from your existing windows.

Clean your windows

This might seem obvious… but simply giving your windows a good clean can help lots of extra light to filter through into the room!

If window glass is not clean, less light will be able to come into the space and the home will appear dark and dingy. Keeping windows free of water and dirt build up will allow the maximum amount of light to filet into the room and illuminate what’s inside.

Use mirrors to reflect the light

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space, and so hanging lots of mirrors in a dark room is a sure way to boost the light as when the sun’s rays hit the shiny surface, they will reflect back into the room. We would recommend placing a larger mirror directly across from a window to reflect natural light and instantly open up a room.


What is the purpose of custom roof windows?

Custom roof windows allow natural light to ‘fill’ a room, and they also have the ability to be opened to allow ventilation. Custom roof windows are simple to install, and are effective in providing consistent light into a given space.

As sunlight is a true natural white light, people can reap the benefits of having lower stress levels and a boosted mood!

We aim to give our customers the very best custom products, and we are proud to be known as the best custom roof window supplier in Romford. Check out our range of custom roof windows today, where we’re confident that you will find the perfect new addition for your room!