Benefits of natural light!

Benefits of Natural Light

Sitting back and enjoying the feel of natural sunlight on your face as you gaze at the clouds through your skylight can be relaxing. Natural light can be energizing and instantly de-stress an anxious person. There is plethora of benefits that you can enjoy simply from being exposed to natural light on a daily basis.

Better Performance

Research suggests that when employees are exposed to an increased amount of natural light they perform better. Work that is completed has less errors and productivity increases. Whether you own a business or are a writer that sits in your living room, increased productivity is always a good thing. If you have a less than appealing view outside of your building or home, consider one of our bespoke pitched or custom flat roof windows to make sure you get enough natural light without having an unsightly view.

Increased Property Values

Homes and businesses on the market with skylights are selling quicker and for a much prettier penny than their counterparts that only have windows. Enjoy all of the benefits that go hand in hand with natural light while you’re there, and get back your money when you’re ready for the next chapter in your life.

Improved Mood

Studies have determined that individuals that are exposed to more natural light experience a boost in their overall mood, and continue to remain in a better mood. Employees that work in buildings with ample natural light are less likely to quit their job, and will get along better with their co-workers, creating a happier work environment over all.

Improved Student Learning

Natural light seems to benefit everyone, and students are no exception. Students that are exposed to natural light scored up to 10% higher on tests than their counterparts that were not exposed to natural light. Although the studies conducted concerning students are somewhat limited, there are still enough to encourage schools to ensure that there is plenty of natural light in the classroom.

Save on Energy Bills

This green way to light up the classroom and work place has a lot of benefits for those that are receiving the natural light, and it can also help out the larger end of many corporations. When businesses install a skylight, the natural light that is provided during the day time hours makes the need for artificial lighting non-existent, reducing energy costs and the carbon foot print that is left behind on the world.

Natural lighting continues to increase in popularity as more research reveals the benefits that can come from it. Whether you are a student, employee, larger corporation or simply want to go green in your own home, natural lighting can help you become more productive, improve your mood and save you money in the long run.