5 Valuable Tips To Get Your Skylight Ready For Winters

Glazing units have made lives brighter and easier by providing interiors with sufficient natural light. They have become a mandatory addition to homes. Among the innumerable benefits they provide, some major ones include allowing sunlight to enter into houses in a healthy way, taking care of the well being of the dwellers, providing a spacious look to small rooms, and increasing the value of the property.

The only requirement is to buy the right one for your living space and maintain it well for long-lasting and useful functionalities.

Generally, the most care demanding time for skylights is during the fall. With winters on the doorstep, it’s the best time to take care of the upkeep of your rooflight on your own or you can ask a manufacturer of skylights UK to perform the maintenance task.

In this post, we’ve provided some useful skylight maintenance tips to get your skylights ready for the upcoming winter.

  1. Safety

Skylights are very delicate objects and need special care in respect. So, the safety of the dwellers of your home becomes the first consideration while dealing with glazing units. Since these products are not meant to support heavy weights, it’s essential to keep in mind not to put pressure on them.

  1. Cleaning

Skylights can get dirty, too. So, cleaning is also a consideration you cannot miss. Make sure you carry out the cleaning task during the hottest hour of the day. That will give better results. Before that, identify the material your rooflight is made of.

Let’s look at the cleaning practices you must adopt for good results.

While glass rooflights are generally flat on the top, domed rooflights come with a curved design on the top and contain Lexan, polycarbonate, acrylic, etc.

Mild soapy water is a great choice for removing dirt from glass skylights. In case the debris is hard, you can use razor scraper. Once done, use a non-abrasive glass cleaner to bring back the original shine. Finish the process by using a lint-free cloth or a squeegee.

For bubble rooflights UK, the ideal cleaning method is to use mild soapy water first along with baby cloth material. Always keep in mind that highly alkaline cleaners or abrasive are not good for these products. They age bubble skylights very quickly. Also keep sharp objects away.

A pressure washer is not good for any type of skylights and neither are kerosene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, benzene, etc.

  1. Checking for leaks

This is important to note for both rainy and foggy days. Inspect the drywall around your glazing unit for any leaks. If you find one, call a professional to help. Don’t worry as leaks are pretty common. They can occur due to poor flashing.

  1. Glass check

Check whether there are any cracks in the glass. If you find one, it’s time to call specialists. Probably you need a replacement.

  1. Gear check

For opening rooflights, the motor checkup becomes another consideration to give heed to. make sure the mechanism is in a working order. Motorized shades need a check during the fall. Perhaps, you don’t need them much but check them prior to winters; especially, the snowfall season is a great idea.

In case you need professionals’ help for your skylight cleaning or repairing task, you can call your glazing providers to send technicians to your home for performing a checkup.